Years of experience ensure that my work and craftmanship is second to none, however using the best tools, materials and suppliers is intergral to fantastic results.  I recommend only the best tiles adhesives and grouts to all of my clients and where supplying myself, ONLY use the best BAL products that offer clients excellent guarantees that the cheaper brands cannot offer.

A bad workman blames his tools....we've all heard that line before.  On the other hand a good workman thanks his tools!  I am firm believer that keeping my tools in optimum condition will increase the longevity of the tools themselves and also deliver reliable cuts, joints, finishing time after time to the benefit of my clients.  I use a manual Rubi tile cutter and can cut upto 400mm tiles, if your tiles exceed this size, I hire a suitable tile cutter (ONLY Rubi) for the job in hand and will not pass this cost onto clients.  Rubi tile cutters are the industry favourites and for good reason, offering excellent reliability and durability not to mention industry leading performance.

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